If you would like to learn more about a Christian approach to bioethics, you may be interested to apply for a one-year apprenticeship with Ethicentre. Successful applicants will receive one year of bioethics mentorship, including guidance in study, opportunities for writing and public speaking, and exploration of public advocacy in your area of interest. For more details and to apply, contact us at

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Ethicentre is pleased to provide a portal for contacting Christian speakers and workshop leaders whose presentations reflect a Biblical, Christ-centred worldview. Presentations are available for specifically Christian and broader audiences and address a variety of bioethical topics. Speaker details and available topics can be found below. A church or Christian group interested in this area of ministry should contact Ethicentre with details of the speaker’s name, topic of choice, and a brief description of the event, location, timing, and audience for the talk if known. Media interviews may be available. Please let us know if you are interested in exploring a topic that is not listed, and we can let you know if we can help.

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