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Megan Best

A/Prof Megan Best is a Researcher at the Institute of Ethics & Society at the University of Notre Dame Australia and an honorary Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. She is a bioethicist and palliative care physician and author of two books on ethics at the beginning of life: ‘Fearfully and wonderfully made’ and ‘A life already started’. Megan is available to give talks on these topics:

  • Ethics at the beginning of life
  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Spirituality in healthcare
  • Ethics in palliative care

Michael Jensen

Michael Jensen is the rector of St Mark’s Darling Point in Sydney. Before that he lectured in theology and church history at Moore Theological College. He has published a number of books, including Martyrdom and Identity: The Self on Trial and Is Forgiveness Really Free? He co-hosts the podcast With All Due Respect. Michael is available to give talks on these topics:

  • Death
  • Identity
  • Transgender

David Starling

Prof David Starling serves as Chief Academic Officer at Morling College, where he lectures in New Testament, Hermeneutics and Greek. He belongs to Chatswood Baptist Church and serves as a member of the Baptist World Alliance’s Commission on Baptist Doctrine and Christian Unity. His published writings include works on hermeneutics, theological method and early Christian ethics. He is available to give talks on these topics:

  • Scripture and Christian ethics
  • Specific biblical passages and themes and their implications for contemporary Christian ethics

Kate Groom

Kate is available to be a facilitator in discussions on bioethical issues. She will take content, turn it into questions and talking points, help people (non-experts) think, talk in groups, and discuss.

emma wood

Dr Emma Wood is a pro-life philosopher specialising in the ethics of abortion and its intersection with sexual ethics, political philosophy, and feminism. Over the past few years, Emma has taught philosophy at both high school and university level, and has written articles for Public Affairs Quarterly, ABC Religion and Ethics, and Ethos. Besides her work for Ethicentre, Emma is a research fellow for Women’s Forum Australia, and an adjunct lecturer at Campion College. She is available to give talks on these topics:

  • What is the unborn human? (youth version available)
  • Abortion, feminism, and the sexual revolution (youth version available)
  • Advanced abortion arguments (for those already familiar with the abortion debate, academic level)

All Ethicentre speakers are approved by the Board. If you are interested in joining our speaker’s bureau, please send your CV and a list of speaking topics to Ethicentre at info@ethicentre.com.

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