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Book review: the gender revolution

Dr Megan Best reviews a recent Australian publication that explores the biblical, biological and pastoral care perspectives to take into account when ministering to those who feel that their gender identity does not match the physical body that God gave them.

Christian Ethics and the Ambiguities of Slowing Human Ageing

Extending the human lifespan by slowing ageing has moved from legend to the laboratory, offering hope that we might live longer, healthier lives. Though Christian opposition to slowing ageing through technology is common, there is considerable moral ambiguity over ageing attenuation when viewed through the doctrines of creation and the fall, Christology, and eschatology. In this paper, Todd Daly surveys these varying Christian perspectives on slowing ageing, suggesting that further exploration of the concepts of sin and virtue may help articulate a clearer Christian vision on this vexing subject.


Conscientious Objection Conundrum: Objections by Nurses in Hospital Settings

In this article, lawyer and academic Anna Walsh explains the complexity of conscientious objection laws in Australia with examples from the controversial practice of abortion. She then provides advice and practical tips for the nurse or midwife who is confronted with this challenge in their own workplace.

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