our mission

we support australian christians in:

  • Living in obedience to God’s word

  • Articulating God’s vision for human flourishing

  • Doing good

  • Impacting public policy

we cater for individual needs with:

  • Academic information – professionals (healthcare, pastoral care, students)

  • Information to guide personal decision-making in healthcare

  • Family discussion guides

  • Online discussion forums

  • Action tool-kits, links to ministry options and opportunities for public engagement

we cater for church needs with:

  • Prayer guides

  • Education (ministry staff)

  • Bible studies

  • Action tool-kits, links to corporate ministry and public engagement options

  • Speakers’ bureau

The contents of this website (as amended from time to time) is not medical advice of any kind. This website and its contents should not be relied upon as, or substituted for, professional medical advice and users should obtain professional medical advice as relevant to their personal circumstances. This website seeks only to inform the public about a biblical approach to medical ethics.

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