beginning of life

Conscientious Objection Conundrum: Objections by Nurses in Hospital Settings

In this article, lawyer and academic Anna Walsh explains the complexity of conscientious objection laws in Australia with examples from the controversial practice of abortion. She then provides advice and practical tips for the nurse or midwife who is confronted with this challenge in their own workplace.

Birth as connection rather than separation: the overmedicalisation of labour and birth

The Parliament of NSW established a Select Committee in June 2023 to inquire into birth trauma. Jodie McIver considers the experience of labour and birth through the lens of connection between the mother and her child.

book review: bringing forth life

Dr Genevieve Thompson reviews Jodie McIver’s recently published book: Bringing Forth Life: God’s Purposes in Pregnancy & Birth.

Abortion, the Sexual Revolution, and the Question of Reproductive Justice

The US Supreme Court’s landmark decision to overturn Roe v Wade sparked heated debate and commentary about the rights of women and unborn children around the globe.

In an effort to promote a considered and substantial dialogue around this sensitive issue, Women’s Forum Australia has released this new publication by WFA Research Fellow Dr Emma Wood.

Embryo Liberation

In this paper, originally published in CASE, Dr Megan Best discusses when human life begins.

Book Review: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Dr Andrew Moore reviews a book about ethics and the beginning of human life.

A Christian Perspective on Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis in Australia

A policy paper from the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia.

The Dilemma of Prenatal Screening

Dr Megan Best questions the place of routine prenatal screening of pregnancy for fetal abnormality.

Protestant Christian Attitudes to ART

This is original research study on how Christian religious beliefs affect attitudes to assisted reproductive therapies.

Mitochondrial Donation

In March 2022, the Australian Federal parliament legalised the controversial procedure of Mitochondrial Donation, an assisted reproductive technology which allows combination of DNA from the parents and a female donor to create an embryo. Ethicentre made a submission to the 2021 Senate Inquiry which preceded the parliamentary debate.

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